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The Environmental and Social Risk Management (ESRM) Policy outlines DBN's overall approach and parameters for the provision of responsible financing.


The policy seeks to introduce a systematic approach to the management of relevant social and environmental issues, and the risks inherent in DBN’s business processes and operations. DBN will ensure that adequate financial and human resources needed to implement this Policy are made available within the institution.


Policy Approach

  • Through this Policy, DBN puts in practice its commitment to integrating environmental and social considerations into decision-making processes relating to its business activities to avoid, minimize or reduce, or compensate for/offset risks and negative impacts.
  • DBN strives for positive development outcomes in the activities it supports. These activities include:
  • - Lines of credit to eligible PFIs for on-lending to eligible MSMEs and small corporates, including both investment and working capital loans;
  • - Providing credit guarantees, through a Credit Guarantee Facility on PFIs’ loans made to MSMEs. This model is intended to overcome limitations in MSME access to finance, reduce volatility, and increase the contribution of the Nigerian financial sector to economic development.
  • DBN believes that an important component of achieving positive development outcomes is the environmental and social sustainability of these activities, which DBN expects to achieve through the application of this Policy.

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